Top 7 Reasons our
In-House Jewelry Service Center Rocks!

At Lee Read, you don’t have to wait days, weeks, or even months to have your jewelry serviced or
repaired. Your jewelry is serviced or repaired ON-SITE and not sent out to a 3rd-Party.



Goldsmiths in the store RULE!

If you want, you can always watch your jewelry being worked on… if you want to.

Our jewelers are excellent at what they do and take pride in every piece they work on.


How long does jewelry service take?

Most of the time, repairs are completed within 2-3 days, and many times, “while you wait”.



We don’t send your jewelry out to be worked on.

It’s all done right here, in the Diamond Dream Store.






Your Brand-New jewelry is ready in 60 minutes.

Your brand-new purchase can be ready, many times, within 60 minutes. Stone set. Ring sized.
Screw-back earrings posted put on. And on any piece of Lee Read Dream Store Jewelry, rhodium
refinishing and stone tightening is always free.


You always know where your jewelry is.

Your jewelry stays right here… no worries on something “getting lost during shipping” or the “wrong ring being sent back”.




How much does it cost?

At Lee Read repair estimates are always free… even if your jewelry wasn’t purchased here. Our prices are fair and most repairs come with a 1-Year Repair Warranty.




Customize your jewelry.

Because our Service Center is in the store, there are so many ways of taking an existing piece and customizing it to make it “your own”.

Sometimes the slightest bit of professional adjustment can
make all the difference.



In-Store Certified Diamond Laboratory

The Lee Read Dream Store has the only Diamond Laboratory
in Idaho certified through both the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
and the American Gem Society (AGS) and, it’s IN THE STORE!

- P L U S -

6 Reasons it's Important!

1. Street Cred

Our Certified Gemological Appraiser is also a Graduate Gemologist. He has gone through more extended education and more advanced training than any other gemologist in Idaho... he’s got diplomas galore. He is continually advancing his education and training to stay at the forefront of gemological technology and knowledge.

2. We’re Strict

Diamond Grading is not a science. It is completely opinion based. Because of this, some stores are deceptive with how they’ve graded their diamonds. Not at Lee Read. We only use the using the strictest standards set forth by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the
American Gem Society (AGS).

3. A “Cert” vs an In-Store Certified Lab

Some jewelers will tell you that an In-Store Diamond Lab isn’t important because you get a piece of paper called a “Cert”. There is only 1 way to know exactly what you’re getting, and that is with an In-Store Diamond Lab that has been certified by the GIA and the AGS.

4. You know exactly what you’re getting

Our professional gemologist verifies the color and clarity grade as well as the quality of every single diamond offered at Lee Read Jewelers … even the teensiest-tiniest ones in jewelry.

5. We have the tools to do it right

Our Certified Diamond Laboratory has tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of high-tech professional gemological equipment AND, we know how to use it. We’re talking more than just microscopes or lab reports. This state of the art equipment allows us to guarantee we know what we’re doing so you can have confidence in your jewelry.

6. We Have Questions Too

Even though we’re diamond experts, sometimes, there are unusual, REALLY rare questions we don’t know the answers to.
BUT! We can find out! With a Certified Diamond Laboratory IN THE STORE, we have the resources to investigate quickly and find the correct info for you.

FREE Jewelry Inspections
AND Cleaning

Regular 6-month checks and inspections are the best way to care for your jewelry.

At Lee Read, this is a service we provide FREE OF CHARGE.

Not only will we inspect your jewelry, we will also professionally clean and steam your jewelry for you, again, FREE OF CHARGE.

Even if your jewelry was purchased elsewhere, we can always inspect and clean for you for FREE.


FREE Jar of our Famous Jewelry Cleaner

Ask any of your friends, somewhere in their house is probably a jar of our famous Lee Read Jewelry Cleaner.

In between your 6 Month Checks / Inspections, using the complimentary Lee Read Jewelers Jewelry Cleaner is an amazing way to keep your diamonds and gold shining just as much as the day you bought them.

Don’t worry, if you run out, just come in and get some more.

At Lee Read, a jar of our famous jewelry cleaner is always free!