Celebrate life's greatest moments with a Lee Read Bright Crystal Diamond.

Getting ready to pop the question?

25th anniversary?

Renewing your vows?

You met. You fell in love. You got married.

If you're like many men, you gave your wife the largest diamond you could afford when you asked her to marry you. Since then, you've purchased new vehicles and a home, but she still wears that same diamond every day. Most women dream of wearing a one carat or larger diamond someday, but they'll never ask for (or buy one) themselves. Why? Because having the man in their life be thoughtful enough to recognize it's important to her is what makes it so special!

Now, make her dreams come true.

Lee Read Jewelers is offering an extensive collection of the most brilliant one carat and larger diamonds we've ever offered. These Lee Read Bright Crystal Diamonds combine incredible clarity and brilliance with an affordable price. One-year interest-free financing will also be available!

And turn her original diamond into something beautiful that she can still wear!

But what about her first diamond? She doesn't want to see it in end up in her jewelry box never to be worn again, and neither do we! When you upgrade to a Lee Read Bright Crystal Diamond, we'll give you the option to create a customized piece that you design alongside one of our prestigious goldsmiths. And the best part? Her first diamond is now a pendant that she can keep close to her heart for the rest of your lives.