The Lee Read Diamond Promise

Experience peace of mind knowing your diamonds are backed up by the Lee Read Diamond Promise warranty.

Nothing. Nada. It’s free!

There’s a lot it covers, but the BIG THING is that we guarantee your Lee Read Diamonds will not fall out of your jewelry.
If one does, we will replace it free of charge as long as you own the piece… like for life.

Give us 10 minutes every 6 months to check and refinish your diamond jewelry, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We have an In-Store Repair Center with goldsmiths so all maintenance for your jewelry is completed quickly without having to be sent out.

Yep – it’s completely free for Lee Read purchases and it takes 10 minutes. Sometimes you’ll hear this referred to as “dipping white gold”.

Maybe you want your diamond to get bigger in five years. Our Trade-In Privilege gives you 100% of what you paid for your Lee Read Diamond toward the purchase of future diamond jewelry double the value of what you are trading in.

Don’t worry… we’ll hook you up with our Nationwide Network of fellow Independent Jewelers who can help you out.
It’s called “Preferred Jewelers International” and it’s just like you’re still in Idaho.



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